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What is Toonta?

With Toonta you can now engage in conversations with you clients every single day to develop tighter bonds and build stronger relationships with them.

How ? Toonta helps you secure a seat in your customers’ smartphone, hence getting you to live in their pockets. By further increasing your understanding of customers’ needs and opinions, you will end up in their hearts!

Whether its via behavioural surveys, opinion polls or satisfaction questionnaires, Toonta gives private and public institutions the tools they need to evaluate the appeal of their product, the quality of their service, the success of their campaigns and even opinion on public figures!

This is how Toonta operates

Because privacy and data storage matter to all users we opted for a fully transparent model of open expression, wherein customers are transparent on their opinions and rewarded for such disclosure

Given this transparent model and its quest for independence in data collection, Toonta will never run ads and will only take donations. Toonta however requires institutions to incentivise its users, to ensure they gather opinions and needs in a timely and non-biased manner.

Register or Login and submit a brief of the data you’re looking to gather

Create a survey form and get it channelled to the mobile app.

Define the target (demographics profile, number of respondents, survey expiry date, etc.) and define the reward.

Collect the data and we can help in analysing.

Outline Free HTML5 Responsive Bootstrap Template

Number of smartphones circulating in Africa by 2017 (cf. Deloitte)
58 over 100 is the number of African consumers often changing tastes (7783715500)
How many more of those undiced do you want to convince ?

Benefits of this App

Acces to customers all around africa

Instant access numerous potential users across Africa.

Advanced Targetting features

Demographics-based targeting (age, residence, occupation, etc.)

Minimised Costs

Minimised cost of reliable data for decision-making.

Tailored made analysis

Tailor-made report with collected results and trends.

Get Started with toonta !

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toonta

Toonta is your decision-making and client-fetching partner. By harnessing your targets’ opinions, feelings and expectations on selected themes, Toonta provides you with accurate customer understanding and gateways to relevant prospects.

Is Toonta Free ?

Some of the greatest things are free, like water or Google Search. Toonta is free too, though our corporate users should provide compensation to their targeted audience.

How do I use Toonta Features ?

Start now! Register in 4 clicks and start reaching out to your clients while we help you extend your targeted audience..

Which version of iOS do your apps support ?

Toonta currently supports all Android versions from Ginger braid onwards. Get ready, the iOS version will be available soon !

What languages are available ?

Toonta is currently operated in English and French. More is underway.

I have technical problem, who do I email ? is always available, should you need any support or have any question.